Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Birthday - April 28

My daughters and I met for dinner tonight.  Great food and a wonderful dessert.

I received flowers from Bill in my favorite sunny color.

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I arrived home to a phone message from my granddaughters. Sorry I missed their call but it was great to hear their cheery voices.
I also received a beautiful video from their mommy so I can hear and SEE the girls singing over and over.
You too can watch the video for yourself HERE.

My friend Kathy took me to lunch for my birthday at Olive Gardens and we shared a huge piece of chocolate cake for dessert. Yes - my diet starts on Saturday.

Birthday's eve was spent with friends at our monthly craft gathering and I was showered with gifts, projects and even a candled birthday cupcake. Thanks everyone.

I am taking a three day weekend so the celebration can continue. But actually I think I am about partied out.
Back to my fitness focus once again which means exercise, exercise, exercise and eating healthy. More news and my plan soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Fun in Minnesota

It is finally beginning to look like Spring will actually arrive here in our cold state. We have had 5 months of winter and now the outside temperature is almost reaching the 50s.  We may see a few days here without winter coats and mittens required.
Bill and I took advantage of the warm weather and sunshine on Saturday to do some cleaning and have lunch at a familiar place near and dear to our hearts in M's old neighborhood. 

I think the new design on the cup is so cute.  We love the macaroni and cheese.  Bill had their new ADULT Version Mac and Cheese.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goodby March

Just where did this month go?  March came and went and it's almost April but still not much Spring weather here.  They are predicting snow for tomorrow.  But maybe it will be sunny and nice this weekend.

On the office front, there has been lots of re-modeling on our floor this month with new staff moving in just last Monday.  And with the new employees came the completion of the nice new modern kitchen too.  There's coffee, soft drinks, with table and chairs.