Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Fit

I did it - I signed up at the Fitness Club this weekend, had my introduction class Sunday evening and even signed up for a personal trainer.
What have I done?
I meet with my trainer again Monday evening and then I'm taking an aerobic class too.
I decided that I wouldn't do this without a lot of support.  They have a special until November 15th  for training so I went for it. Melissa and Sarah, I'm counting on you as my cheering crowd.

 Yes, I'm happy now because I just finished that set of exercises.  But will I feel the same tomorrow?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Mail

We've got mail:
Our oldest granddaughter is studying the letters of the alphabet this year in her Pre-K class. 
Recently they studied the letter "L" and she sent a letter to her favorite grandparents in Minnesota.
M and a friend are mailing their letters:

Here is the result:

I taped it to the PC so Grandpa won't miss it when he got home from work on Friday!
Thanks, M for brightening our world.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I Learned From My Dad

My dad, Bob Eide, July 2008 at Emily's wedding in Colorado.

My dad passed away a year ago.   My daughter and I traveled to Colorado for his memorial service.
We left  Minnesota ahead of the snow and we were greeted in Colorado with sunshine and beautiful warm fall weather.
October 2009
Beautiful fall day - a perfect day to celebrate my Dad and a smile from M.

What my dad taught me:
Keep walking, and walking and walking.
Take pictures and capture the everyday moments to share.
Invite the family to eat - pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners were his specialty.
Keep in touch - type and send a letter every week to family and friends.
Read, read, read - it keeps the mind active and your knowledge current in a changing world.
Attend the family celebrations - he never missed a grandchild's graduation (high school or college) or a family wedding.
Joy in traveling - there's so much to see and so much rich history to enjoy along the way.
Travel the back roads.  The people are friendly and home-cooked meals are the best.
And much, much more. 
Thanks Dad for being a big part of my life.

That's me in the middle - several years ago.  The handsome one is my dad!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Fall Ground Cover

I've noticed that the ground cover this fall is just a colorful as the bright leaf colors.  While driving to meet a friend on Sunday, I was amazed at all the purple and lavender among the red, yellow and browns from the wild flowers.  I'm not sure what it is (some weed, I suppose) but it makes a beautiful bouquet fitting for a queen's table.

Monday, October 4, 2010

For the Sport of It -- From the Spectator's View

October 3, 2010 - Metrodome - 7:30 AM as the sun is just coming up.
We had a long busy Sunday.  We were up early to pick up the family runner in St Paul and get her to the Dome by 7:30 AM and the starting line for the TC Marathon.
We spent the rest of the day chasing the participants to various locations to cheer them on and glimpse our daughter zooming by.
 And they are off!  Cheering them on at Hennipen Avenue - first mile out of the 'gate'.
 I missed Sarah by a block - lots of runners in this photo, but not Sarah.

 Nine miles into the race- Minnehaha Parkway and 35 W - under the bridge.


Running feet.

At 22.5 miles of running -- Summit Avenue in St Paul:

 Lots of runners, and many spectators!  Even a band to pulse the runners on!  Great fun.

Again, no Sarah photos.  Bill and I are posing as spectators.  When Sarah arrived we cheered and clapped but did not stop her for photos.  Check it out at the finish line.
The band was great!
Next stop - on to the Finish Line.
 We had a great view of the runners at the finish.

We met our winner at the end of the race.  Great accomplishment, Sarah.  We are so proud of you.

Sarah after the race.  Great job.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane - for Paris

No not me. I wish.
Our daughter heads for Paris tomorrow for a 10 week internship. She is studying abroad this semester as a U of MN student.
Oh, to be young!
Becca, please keep us posted on your adventures and the sights you see. Best wishes for a safe trip.

Bill and I had dinner with Becca at California Pizza Kitchen before she prepared to leave on her trip. We will miss her happy face here in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sidewalk Cafe - Minnesota

I met my daughter at Starbucks after work for coffee. (I'm not saying which one but here's a hint - she is soon to be seen in a sidewalk cafe in Paris, France!)
I am excited for her and the wonderful adventure she is able to experience. Here's to safe travels and a wonderful time in Europe!

She also took a photo of me with one of my favorite places in the background.

Don't you just love beautiful Fall days outside? I do!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Agenda and Some of the Fun in Detroit Lakes

I'm back from 'Fishing' with my family in northern Minnesota. Several of us met in Detroit Lakes for rest, relaxation and visits to the old family sites. My two sisters flew into Fargo from Denver and rented a car to drive to DL (an hour away). My dad's sister and her husband along with their two daughters flew to Fargo from Riverside, CA and drove to DL also. We all stayed in rented accommodations near the lake.

My sisters and I stayed at The Lodge on Lake Detroit. We had a suite with a bedroom and separate living, dining and kitchen area.
The motel opened in May of 2006. We recommend it and would love to stay there again.

Our room is at the end on the second level.
This is the wonderful view from our walk-out patio.

I joined the family on Saturday afternoon. The agenda was already full by then but I kept us organized by marking off done and booked plans to keep us on track.
We had lots of places to see and people to meet.
Our Agenda(more or less):
Window shopping
Historical Museum of Detroit Lakes tour
Dinner at the Hotel Shoreham
Dessert at Essie's lake home with family friends visiting from Minneapolis
Attended the Congregational Church where our parents were members and we attended nursery
Lunch at the Sunlite Bar and Grill on Lake Floyd (great hamburgers)
Drive to Itasca State Park
Tour of the park and crossing the Mississippi at the head waters
Back to DL for wine and cheese at our motel and plans for the rest of the stay
Note: Uncle Marv had booked an afternoon on the lake on a pontoon boat to float around the lake. This never happened. The wind picked up Sunday morning during our stay and there were white caps on the lake every day. It would not have been a rather bouncy ride for us all.
Walk on the beach, feet in the lake after breakfast
My sisters and I toured Detroit Lakes taking photos of family homes and lake sites
More shopping
Lunch at Long Bridge Resorts with Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Marv
Off on my own - I visited the Newspaper office in town where my father worked as a young man in the 1950s
Back to the motel to relax and read
Dinner at the Speak Easy with grasshopper pie dessert
After dinner visit at the condo where Aunt Yvonne, Uncle Marv and daughters, Nancy and Debbie stayed
Visit and photos at the family cemetery plots
Another visit to the Historical Museum
Lunch at our motel (salad and fruit)
I rested while my sisters did more shopping
Dinner at the Fireside Inn
Pack and load cars by 9:30 AM
One more stop - Back Porch Quilts
Drive home to Minneapolis

Disclaimer: This is the agenda and the stories as I remember it with photos taken to help me recall the facts more accurately (one can hope).

Saturday evening we all met for dinner at Hotel Shoreham. This is the place where Marv and Yvonne met at a dance and started dating.

Many years later, after four children, many grandchildren and even more great-grandchildren they are back where it all started.

After church on Sunday morning, we drove farther north to Itasca State Park.
We all had to walk across the head waters, and yes, one of us fell in. Debbie was a good sport about it and dried off eventually.
Here's the best I could do to record the event. Debbie is coming out of the water behind Carolynn. We were all laughing so hard with her, we forgot to take photos.

This is one of my favorite action poses. We all had our cameras and here Nancy is taking photos of Debbie and Carolynn on the log across the Mississippi. As you can see, she has more than one camera to use. It got pretty crazy taking multiple photos during several family activities, but fun too.

Monday morning we walked down to check out the beach at our motel. It's a lovely, sandy beach. We did go wading but didn't have time for a swim.
Sorry, Tami no goggles and inner tube photos this trip.

And other sights around town:

This is at the park on the lake and recreation center. They built a new playground but kept the old. My sisters, cousins and I played here many summers as children during our family reunions in Detroit Lakes.

YES, the water had white caps and it was breezy most of the week.

Lunch at Long Bridge:

Here is the bridge:

No time to share everything and you wouldn't want me to. Hope you've enjoyed my visit. I sure did!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Few Views from My Vacation

I am back from my fun retreat up north. I had a lovely time in Detroit Lakes with my sisters, my aunt and uncle and their two daughters.
Poor (I mean lucky) Uncle Marv was surrounded by all six of us women for five days!
The weather was wonderful - in the 70s and there was just enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes away most of the time.
Here are a few photos for your enjoyment until I have time to post more photos and tell the stories too.

The tall pine trees of Itasca Park:

All of us:

Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Marv:

Sunset at the lake:

Aunt Yvonne, me and Uncle Marv

View of the lake from our patio:

My sisters:

Come back for a visit soon. I'll be posting more photos and stories over the weekend.