Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Son is in Grad School

I am so proud of my son for many reasons. He is a good son, a great husband, and a super daddy of two adorable girls. He also took an exam to apply for grad school, passed and was accepted to the Business Grad program at the Univ of AK.

I wanted to post a note to say how proud I am of him and I wish him the best. He will do very well.
W and Bill chatted about his new commitment during a relaxing evening in Arkansas last week.

I so wished they (my son and family) lived closer to Minnesota. But now I have a good excuse to go South in the winter (at least for one great big long weekend).


Tami Wood said...

so happy for W. Love the pic of William Sr. and Jr.

that's the same name of my dad and his dad.