Friday, August 28, 2009

August Goals Completed - Now for September

August was pretty productive and I was able to happily accomplish several goals that I posted earlier this month.
1. DONE - Take exam for certification and complete successfully.
2. DONE - Finish unpacking the remaining boxes in the garage(from our move in May) and get the second car in.
3. OOPS - Recycle clothes and make room for the ones I want to wear. Recycle shoes, purses and handbags too.
4. DONE - LOOKING GOOD - Set up my craft area.
5. DONE - Start holiday homemade cards with help from Stampin Up.
6. DONE - FUN ! FUN! - Take a road trip to Arkansas for LG's first birthday.
7. PARTIAL - I DID HELP BUT I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET THERE - Help Sarah and Becca get settled in their new apartment by the end of the month and learn how to get there on my own. Quite a feat for someone directionally challenged.
8. DONE - Take a card class and learn new crafty skills.

Not bad for one month, an exam, card class, holiday cards started, more move projects checked off and a road trip.

1. Recycle those clothes and accessories
2. Organize my card stash for gifting
3. Send a package of goodies to my family in Arkansas
4. Get September birthday cards out on time (that will be a first ever)
5. Read a Programming book for career growth
6. Practice SQL for work
7. Date night once a week with hubby
8. Sign up for a Bible study

After all the activity in August and Scrapfest in September, that's about all I'll have time for.
What are your goals for September? Anything special?