Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garage Sale - Day 2

Saturday was my turn at our sale. I opened up the garage at 8 AM. It was quiet in the neighborhood and no one showed up until almost 9:15 AM.
However, it was busy from 10 AM - 12:30 PM with plenty of garage sale customers. I had help from Sarah, Rosa and Melissa with traffic and sales. Thanks everyone for your help and wonderful support throughout the day. Melissa brought lunch and she and Rosa both helped move items around and out the driveway.

Garage Sale Moments

Beanie Babies will have new playmates soon:
A women bought a couple small green pottery plant holders to match some others she has. Her son was in the car waiting but I thought I'd ask if she knew anyone who wanted Beanie Babies. (They were very popular years ago and my daughters collected several.) Her husband knows someone at his office who sends them to the children in Iraq. Bingo! We loaded two boxes of the adorable little stuffed creatures into the backseat of her car (free).
Afternoon Slump:
There wasn't much attendance for the afternoon session. Some neighbor children stopped by to search for treasures and chat with 'Jan' (me). By 2:00 PM we started bringing everything back slowly into the garage and closed up by 2:30 PM. I packed FINDS in my truck and headed home for a nap.

New friends; silly poses!

The Results:
There wasn't much furniture left after Thursday (see Garage Sale - Day 1 from earlier this week), but with additional craft supplies, books, pottery, glassware, toys and sports equipment, the day was well worth the effort. Next step - give that stuff away. I have pick-ups scheduled soon to pass our family heirlooms on to the next generation.