Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goals for May

My daughter and niece have been doing this for several months with good results.
I am giving it a try for the first time this month. Wish me luck.
Focus for May:
1. Organize furniture and garage sale items for neighborhood sale at the end of May.
2. Read two books - one fiction and one non-fiction.
3. Send a package of goodies to Arkansas for my cute granddaughters.
4. Exercise three times a week, every week.
5. Plan healthy meals, get groceries and eat healthy.
6. Downsize crafts and tag for craft sale (see #1).
7. Plan and take one day-trip with hubby to nearby MN historical site.
8. Study, study, study for certification exam.
9. Post furniture for sale on Craigslist and get it out of here.
10. Donate books to library or Veteran's Hospital.

I plan to do all of this while working forty hours a week at my day job.
How about you? Any special goals planned for May?


Melissa said...

I have one goal for May: don't go crazy. ;)