Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garage Sale Today

Today was the first day of our two-day garage sale. It was cloudy and cool but it did not rain during the day. We had lots of customers and got rid of several big items We have one more day to get rid of more...
Here I am - outside all day and in my jacket.
It's still COLD here in Minnesota and it's almost May!

There are still lots of items here. See anything you like?

Stop by and see us tomorrow if you're in the area.


Liz&Meg said...

I'm glad it went well today! Good luck tomorrow!

You have to go through an extra April after you're done with this one? No wonder it take so long to get warm there!!

Grandma Jan said...

OK wise one. I changed 'almost April' to 'May' but in Minnesota May seems like April anywhere else.
And yikes, S/B only have three more weeks of school with finals. This year is rolling right along.
Hug those beautiful babies for me.
Grandma Jan