Monday, July 4, 2011

Where Did June Go?

It's the 4th of July and I didn't post in June at all. Where did the month go?

Bill and I left for Little Rock on June 3 and I didn't get back to Minnesota until June 22. I stayed in Little Rock for 2 weeks. From there I drove to Clearwater, Florida with Sarah and Becca to help them get settled in their apartment. I flew home from Florida to go back to work on June 22.

We spent a week in Arkansas with Megan and Lucy while their parents were vacationing in Hawaii. The girls were delightful and it was great to have lots of granddaughter quality time with them.

Bill drove back to Minnesota that Saturday and I stayed with the girls until Will and Elizabeth returned on Monday at noon. That second week was great family time. Sarah and Becca drove down from Minneapolis on Wednesday, stayed three days, and then drove on to Florida. I joined them as their co-pilot and navigator (with a little help from AAA and their road maps) and we made it to Clearwater by Monday at noon.

Sarah and Becca signed a lease and got settled in their new apartment. We made it over to Clearwater Beach Tuesday evening in time for a lovely sunset. I flew back to Minnesota early Wednesday morning and was able to get to work by noon.