Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hobby Update - Working Out at the Gym

Bill joined the local YMCA recently and I was able to take a tour today. He needs a hobby and working out several times a week is just the ticket. The River Valley YMCA just opened in September 2009. They have lots of exercise equipment, have classes, and even a pool. It really is a great facility. Maybe I need a hobby there too?
Take a look. This is today (a Sunday) and everyone looks like they are having lots of fun. I have a 3 day pass so I'll be trying it out between now and the middle of July.

What's your hobby? What do you do to relax and stay in shape?


Melissa said...

That new gym looks awesome! I've joined a new gym that's opening up in the fall. So, for a few months, I'll be a member of two gyms! :) The current one is very small, has a small pool that Nicholas can't use, and doesn't have any kids programs. The new gym has a JR olympic pool for lap swimming & family swim time, and adding Nicholas to my membership isn't very much. Plus he'll be able to take karate, dance, yoga, and other kids classes. And, of course, the free childcare while I'm working out.

I definitely think you should join the Y. It shouldn't cost that much more to add you to Bill's membership. Way to go with the walking; keep up the good work!