Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Scrapbooking

I don't know how long it has been since I worked on a scrapbook.
I was invited to join some women working on their scrapbooks and of course I said, 'yes'.
I had supplies in a box of our Red Wing trip from a few years ago, pulled it out and joined the group.
Great fun! D's husband made us Frapacinnos,while we worked on pages.

I even finished my travel scrapbook - including journaling. But only because it was just Bill and me on the trip (no children or grandchildren) and Bill didn't let me take many pictures. This project was done in no time.

I arrived home in time to join Bill for dinner at Noodles and Company (now in Burnsville) and then we caught the movie 'Date Night' - really cute and hilarious!

Did you have a fun day too? Hope so. The weather was beautiful.


Tami said...

glad you had a great day and that you updated your blog. I have been busy getting kits ready for classes. Went out around 5 and made four stops. I was gone for 3 hours. see you on Wed. at Smudges. you are going to love the class kits from OA.