Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Top Ten Reasons to Blog

Reasons I Blog
1. I can share all those photos of friends and family. It’s faster and cheaper that printing them.
2. I can share my day or week with others and encourage them to share theirs with me.
3. I can keep up with family and friend events.
4. I feel connected and part of the blogging community. My favorite blog links are available right on my own blog for one-stop access.
5. It’s my online diary.
6. It’s a place to share the things I love - flowers, fall leaves, cute cards and photography.
7. It’s a place that I can go back to and review what we were doing – a week ago, a month ago or even years ago.
8. It’s an online challenge – Does anyone have a comment? Does anyone read this?
9. It’s a chance to be creative. I could do that… I like that … It enables me to do more online shopping even though I should not.
10. It’s a place to comment on current events!
What are your top reasons for blogging?