Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just When We Thought the Road Was Clear

Traveling across town on Saturday, the roads were clear and the truck behind me was ready to drive 90 miles per hour (I let him go around). After a week to work and back at 5 miles per hour, anything above fifty is great - but watch out for pot holes. This winter has been cold, icy and snowy, even in Minnesota standards.
It's Sunday afternoon, Valentine's Day and snowing AGAIN. It seems that we are getting snow for all our holidays this year. We were snowed in for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Hopefully we will see dirt and flowers by July 4th. I am so glad that we are in a townhouse this winter and do not have to plow the driveway or sidewalk. We do however, still have to walk Capone (definitely worth it for the best dog ever). It was windy this afternoon and the snow drifts just keep growing.