Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspiration From a Fellow Blogger

I have been inspired:
Kim at Life Beyond the Picket Fence has posted some of the things that she believes as an inspiration to us all.
Read what she has to say (link above) and then read my list here.
I Believe in:
• the love of God
• the wonder of being a parent to three wonderful children
• the joy of being a grandparent to two beautiful granddaughters
• the talents, support and intelligence of my husband
• writing things down (post-its have saved the day many times)
• spell check
• creative time to stamp, scrapbook, take photos, and update my blog
• learning, whether for an advanced degree, planning a garden or learning to knit
• saving instead of spending (most of the time)
• the fun of finding another stash of unpacked goodies in our garage
• the Minnesota Vikings – 2009 was a great season even if we didn’t get to the Super Bowl
• the calming effect of a cup of hot tea with cream
• the value of a smile
• the love of a pet
• the need for quiet time
• the need for girl-time even when you’re almost fifty
What do you believe in?
Inspired by: The creative masterpiece of Kim @ NewlyWoodwards