Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vital Friends

Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without
By Tom Rath, Published 2006

I read this book on a break at work and shared it with co-workers. We had a great discussion!
There are countless ways to develop healthy friendships, but first you must learn to recognize the eight roles friends play in your life. Friends can act as:
• Builder (motivator)
• Champion (sing your praises)
• Collaborator (has similar interests, passions)
• Companion (always there for you)
• Connector (introduces you others, widens your circle)
• Energizer (always gives you a boost, makes you laugh)
• Mind opener (expand your horizons, embrace new ideas)
• Navigator (helps you make decisions)

Some friends fall into more than one of these groups. Not to worry. Author Tom Rath helps you ferret out what roles your buddy or co-worker plays in your life, or you in theirs. He offers definitions, space to list which friends fit which category, specific actions to take to strengthen each friendship and to establish new friendships.

Find out who your vital friends are and why you need them at work?


Tami said...

This looks like something I'd be interested in. I am certainly in more than one category!! hee hee