Friday, July 31, 2009

The Car Drama Continues

I thought I had a photo of Sarah's car - the evil Jetta, but it is in the archives at the moment and I can't find it.
You all remember the blue Jetta. It's a nice looking car but it has lots of problems.
The latest antic is a dead battery. We took the car in for repair this evening and it now has a lovely new battery for the winter.
It received a new engine in January (while in CA) and has had several new parts added since it's return to MN in March.
Anyone up for a guess as to what it will need fixed next??
Since I don't have a recent photo of the car, I'll post a cute one of it's owner.

I did find a photo.
Not a very good photo - but it will have to do. No more road trips for this car!